News Release: Conciliation

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News Release February 27, 2020

The Saint John Police Association and representatives of the Saint John Board of Police Commissioners met today with a provincially appointment Conciliation Officer in hopes of creating an environment for collective bargaining negotiations.

However with the arbitrary wage escalation policy that is tied to assessment based growth of the City of Saint John it is impossible to conduct negotiations on wages.

As we all know assessments for heavy industry has been lowered at the whim of the provincial government.

Some examples of this were the LNG operation reduced from a $300 million dollar assessment to a $98 million dollar assessment, as well as the reduction in the two pulp mill assessments by 50 and 49 percent respectively. It is absolutely unbelievable that heavy industry taxes go down while 244000 properties including most homes are having taxes go up.

Therefore it was not possible to create a positive environment to negotiate wages and has resulted in the conciliation officer completing her mandate and will file her report by tomorrow with the Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour.

Further to the historical relationship between Saint John Vs. Fredericton Police wages and the last arbitration award by Innes Christie in 2004 that stated: “In my opinion Saint John should be the clear leader in New Brunswick Police Pay”. The wage escalation policy would result in the police officers in Saint John being paid less than the police officers in Fredericton.

It is interesting to note that the mayor of Saint John is paid $19,180 more than the mayor in Fredericton but they want to pay our police officers less than those in Fredericton.

It has been 16 years since we required an interest arbitration board decision to resolve a settlement and it is very disappointing we will now require a third party award from an independent arbitration board to determine the collective agreement.

Duane Squires
President – Saint John Police Association

Bob Davidson
Saint John Police Association